Olena Mykhailivna Lozhachevska – the Head of the Department, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor.

Research interests are dedicated to the management in transport issues, functioning and international transport development in the world economy, integration processes and globalization of transport systems and infrastructure.

The history of the Department establishment dates back to 1976 with the formation of the Department of Organization and Management within Kyiv Automobile and Highway Institute. The idea of department establishing was driven by the necessity to train high qualified managers as well as economists in the field of Automobile Transport. Since the establishment, its name, academic staff, fields of work as well as educational disciplines have been changed many times. On its basis the Department of Economics, Finance and Tourism were conceived and separated.

From the date of foundation to September 2017, Management Department was headed by Mykhailo Nestorovych Bidniak (1936-2017), a talented scientist, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Merited Transport Worker of Ukraine. His research works are devoted to the issues in modeling and transport management field. He is the author of over 250 scientific works, 17 monographs and educational manuals. A new academic staff able to deal with complicated educational and research issues was headed by Professor Bidniak M.N.

The Academic Staff of the Department:

Lozhachevska Olena Mykhailivna – Professor, Doctor of Economic Sciences, the Head of the department.

Bakulich Olena Oleksandrivna –Professor, PhD in Engineering, Dean of the Faculty of Management, Logistics and Tourism.

Smahin Volodymyr Leonidovych – Professor, Doctor of Economic Sciences.

Lavryk Ivan Fedorovych –Professor, PhD in Engineering.

Diachenko Tetiana Oleksiivna – Associate Professor, PhD in of Economic Sciences.

Zhelezniak Kateryna Leonidivna – Associate Professor, PhD in Economic Sciences.

Zaiatz Olha Vasylivna – Associate Professor, PhD in Economic Sciences.

Ivanov Vadym Borysovych – Associate Professor, PhD in Engineering.

Ihnatiuk Viktoriia Vasylivna – Associate Professor, PhD in Engineering.

Ilchenko Victoriia Julianivna – Associate Professor, PhD in Economic Sciences.

Lytvychenko Liliia Oleksandrivna – Associate Professor, PhD in Economic Sciences.

Malakhova Juliia Anatoliivna – Associate Professor, PhD in Economic Sciences.

Navrotska Tamara Anatoliivna – Associate Professor, PhD in Economic Sciences.

Omelianovych Oleksii Romanovych – Associate Professor, PhD in Economic Sciences.

Porfirenko Volodymyr Ivanovych – Associate Professor, PhD in Economic Sciences.

Snizhko Larysa Leonidivna – Associate Professor, PhD in Economic Sciences.

Khobta Mykhailo Oleksiiovych – Associate Professor, PhD in Economic Sciences.

Artemchuk Valentyna Oleksandrivna – Senior Lecturer.

Vysochylo Oksana Mykolaivna – Senior Lecturer.

Hrebelnyk Mykola Mykolaiovych – Senior Lecturer.

Parokhnenko Oleksii Serhiiovych – Senior Lecturer.

Samoilenko Yevhen Serhiiovych – Senior Lecturer.

Honchar Tetiana Mykolaivna – Assistant Lecturer.

Sukmaniuk Viktoriia Mykhailivna – Assistant Lecturer.


The Department of Management graduates students in 073 Management and 075 Marketing. For obtaining Bachelor`s and Master`s degrees, training is conducted within the following educational programs:

  • Business Management and Administration;
  • International Business Management;
  • Environmental Management;
  • Service Marketing;
  • The Main Research Areas at the Department of Management;
  • Operational and Environmental Aspects of Public Transport Management;
  • Marketing Investigations of Transport Services Market;
  • International Investigation Experience in Transport Management;
  • Investment and Innovation Management of Motors Transport Enterprises;
  • Modern Issues in Management Organization of Motor Transport Enterprises;
  • Theoretical Basis of Transport Companies Management Development;
  • Theoretical Modeling and Optimization Basis in Management.

Academic, teaching and guiding works:

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The Academic Staff Training. Ten postgraduate students study at the doctorate of the department.

Address: office 240, 241, 1 Mykhaila Omelianovycha-Pavlenka Str., 01010 Kyiv, Ukraine

Phone: +38 (044) 280–84–38

E-mail: manage@ntu.edu.ua



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