Volodymyr MOZGHOVYI – Head of the Department of Road Construction Materials and Chemistry, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Excellence in Education of Ukraine, Honorary Road Worker of Ukraine, Academician of the Transport Academy of Ukraine. He was awarded the badge “For Scientific Achievements”, the Certificate of Honor of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine “For Special Merits to the Ukrainian People”, the badge “For Scientific and Educational Achievements”, and the medal “Labor Glory”, II degree. He has the honorary title of Honored Worker of Transport of Ukraine.

The department was created during the organization of the institute in 1944, as one of the profiles under the name “Department of Road Construction Materials”. It was headed by Professor K. S. Terenetskyi Since 1952, the department was reorganized and named “Department of Road Construction and Operation”. Since 1969, this department has been headed by Professor H. K. Siuni In 1976, this division was divided into the Department of Road Construction and Operation (Professor V. M. Sidenko) and the Department of Road Construction Materials (Professor H. K. Siuni). In 1987, the Department of Road Construction Materials was merged with the Department of Chemistry. The joint department was headed by Professor N. H. Parkhomenko During this period, the section of road construction materials was managed by the world-renowned scientist, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor B. S. Radovskyi. From 1997 to the present, the Department of Road Construction Materials and Chemistry is headed by Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Volodymyr Mozghovyi.

Since 2002, on the initiative and participation of V. V. Mozghovyi, the department specializes in the training of specialists under the educational program “Technology of construction structures, products and materials” (specialty 192 “Construction and civil engineering”), a scientific research laboratory, educational and methodological support of the educational process, organized educational and production practices, established and business contacts with potential employers for graduates are constantly maintained and developed.

Branches of the department at the State Enterprise “State Road Research Institute named after M.P. Shulhin” (SE “DerzhdorNDI”), State Enterprise “Ukrainian Research and Design Institute of Building Materials and Products (NDIBMV)” and State Enterprise “Road Scientific and Technical Center” (SE “DORCENTR”).

In 2004, the scientific research laboratory “Technology of materials and constructions of transport construction named after Prof. H. K. Siuni.” The laboratory was created to develop and implement the latest scientific achievements in advanced technologies, materials and structures in transport construction. The scientific research laboratory includes the “Testing laboratory of the quality of transport construction materials”, which, according to the results of the audit of the state of measurement systems, meets the requirements of DSTU ISO 10012:2005 (Certificate No. 06-0016 / 2021 dated March 12, 2021).

Since 2017, the department has been training specialists in specialty 183 “Environmental protection technologies” educational program “Environmental protection technologies at gas stations and construction industry enterprises”.

The Department Staff:

Volodymyr MOZGHOVYI – head of the department, doctor of technical sciences, professor;

Nelli PARKHOMENKO – professor of the department, candidate of chemical sciences, professor;

Klavdiia MUDRAK – professor of the department, candidate of chemical sciences, associate professor;

Nataliia MELNYK – associate professor of the department, candidate of chemical sciences, associate professor;

Nataliia BEREZINA – associate professor of the department, candidate of chemical sciences;

Serhii BARAN – associate professor of the department, Candidate of Technical Sciences, associate professor;

Oleksandr KUTSMAN – associate professor of the department, candidate of technical sciences;

Iryna OPROSHCHENKO – assistant of the department;

Ilona HRYNCHAK – assistant of the department;

Ivan KOPYNETS – associate professor of the department (part-time), candidate of technical sciences;

Olena ZHUKOVA – associate professor of the department (part-time), candidate of technical sciences.

Scientific and methodical works of the Department Lecturers:

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  2. Valery Gulyayev, Volodymyr Mozgovyi, Nataliya Shlyun, Lyudmyla Shevchuk, Olena Bilobrytska Negative Thermomechanical Effects in Granular Composites with Incompatible Thermomechanical Parameters of Their Components // International Review of Mechanical Engineering. 2022. 16(4). Pp. 188–197. DOI https://doi.org/10.15866/ireme.v16i4.21996
  3. Ihor Gameliak, Anna Kharchenko, Andrii Dmytrychenko, Vitalii Tsybulskyi, Oleksandr Hustieliev Research of Strength and Condition of Cement-Concrete Pavement on Bridges by Non-Destructive Methods // Strength of Materials and Theory of Structures: scientific and technical collection. 2022. Issue 108, Pp. 243-254. DOI: https://doi.org/10.32347/2410-2547.2022.108.243-254
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  5. Viktor Gaidaichuk, Liudmyla Shevchuk, Olena Bilobrytska, Serhii Baran Stress concentration in the vicinity of road сoating cracks // Strength of Materials and Theory of Structures: scientific and technical collection. 2021. Issue 106, Pp. 41-53. DOI: https://doi.org/10.32347/2410-2547.2021.106.41-53
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  8. Thermoelastic state of multilayer road surfaces: monograph / V. I. Gulyaev, V. V. Haydachuk, V. V. Mozgovyi et al. – K.: NTU 2019 – 252 p.

Research work of the department:

The scientific team of the department conducts research aimed at improving the quality of road construction materials and increasing the efficiency of their use in the construction of transport facilities.

The main areas of research work:

  • testing, quality control of materials, products and structures;
  • development of methods for calculating the strength and durability of road clothing structures;
  • creation and application of effective road construction materials, ensuring resource conservation, improving the quality of materials and works;
  • creation of effective methods of directed regulation of the properties of transport construction materials;
  • scientific support for the implementation of the latest technologies and materials in the practice of design, construction and maintenance of transport facilities.

Over the years of research work at the department, a number of devices and methods for evaluating the quality of road construction materials have been created: sector press for compaction of asphalt concrete mixtures; a device for testing monolithic road construction materials for fatigue from repeated loads; device for determining the modulus of elasticity; laboratory mixer for preparing asphalt concrete mixtures; roller device for compaction of asphalt concrete mixtures by the rolling method in laboratory conditions; technique and device for determining adhesion between asphalt concrete layers with temperature, pressure and load control devices.

The preparation of academic staff. There are four graduate students in the department’s postgraduate program.

Address: 01014 Ukraine, Kyiv, st. M. Boychuka 42, room 109.
Phone: +380 44 285-95-28 (room 107, 113); +380 44 284-69-10 (room 307)
E-mail: mozgoviy@gmail.com; kafdbm.ntu@gmail.com; dbmhkaf@ntu.edu.ua

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